Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flaming Gorge, April 2011

Wow, so it took me a while to get these posted.  We were able to spend a few days up in Flaming Gorge Utah in April, trying to catch the Rainbow Spawn on the Gorge and hoping to get into a hatch on the Green.  The weather was great, and early spring had brought warmer temps to the area.  Last year we fished in snow and sleet.  This year we fished in shorts and 80 degree weather.  Fishing this year was a little tougher.  I believe we caught the tail end of the spawn which was a little disappointing.  But even though the fishing was not as expected, you cannot beat being out in this great area enjoying good company and great weather. 
This is a view that I miss, but is etched in my memory.  I think it will always be home in some aspects. 
Here are a few pics of fish.  The fish definatly made us work this year,  but sometimes that makes it that much better.  Our first day we hit a creek that runs into the Gorge that you can access from the highway.  It gets a lot of attention this time of year.  But we were the only ones there for the first half of the day.  As we were getting ready to leave some crowds started to show up.  I think we caught all of the fish that were left in the creek.  Not a lot of action, but a few nice bows came to hand.

A little shot of the Creek.

The fish were in a variety of water.  Some in the deeper pools,  other in the fast shallows.

Yes, sometimes it is just nice to sit and relax, and listen to the water

The next two days of our trip we hit the Green River.  Love this place.  There were a lot of people on the river.  Both floating and walk wading.  It made for some interesting leap frog fishing both days.  There were even a few boats out that helped us learn some "Proper" River edicate.  The first day there was some good midges coming off, but hardly any surface action.  Most of the fish came on the dropper, usally a zebra midge.

We had a new Go-pro camera that we tried out on this trip.  Some of the video and pics are pretty cool.  I am working on putting that together in a small video.  We learned a lot about taking some good video,  hopefully next time we will be a lot better.

Enjoying the views

We were planning on coming home after three days of fishing, but my father in law and brother in Law wanted to go out again on Monday, so we extended our trip (they really had to twist my arm).  With a boat we were able to a secret place, but again, we had hit the end of the spawn, so fishing was slow.  But each of us were able to bring at least one to hand.  And being out in this area is always worth the trip, no matter what the fishing is like.

Thanks to everyone who came for a great time.  Got to spend some time with my Dad and Brother, Father in Law and Brother in law who I do not get to see very often, and do some real work with a good budy of mine.  I hope everyone enjoyed the trip.  Until next year.....

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fly Fishing Frenzy Blog Give Away

So, ever since I moved to Arizona, my fishing time has been very limited.  Mostly I am able to get a couple of trips in a year,  but that is it.  So, I find that I am spending a lot more time getting my fishing fix by reading blogs.   One of the blogs that I have started following is the Fly Fishing Frenzy.    I have enjoyed their blog and visit it quite often.  
The Frenzy is having a Christmas give away.   Below are the details,  or you can visit their blog.


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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wishin I was Fishin

So, here is a fun little piece on the Green River.  It seems like I have not been up there in ages.  But if you are up there in the fall, late fall, and winter, fishing can still be awesome. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pelican Lake, UT

So, my brother has been able to get out a few times this year to Pelican.   Usually, the lake is pretty hot in June, but fishing is still pretty good even late in the summer.   This can be a fun lake to fish,  I have had times out on this lake where you literally can catch a fish on every cast.    We mostly use poppers, but my brother and his buddies have been trying to get to the bigger bass and have tried some different techniques.  I'm a little jelous that he gets to go out so often, but thanks for sharing the pics.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Its in the blood

I'm sorry, I actually torture myself by watching these types of videos, and not being able to do this like I want to.   I could do this everyday all day.   If this does not excite you, then I don't know what would. 

This looks like fun

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Feed The Itch

Well, if you cannot get out and fish,  I guess the next best thing is watching videos and viewing pictures and then dream about fishing.